Confirmation will resume January 12 with a Parent/Youth meeting:  Confirmation starts in 6th grade and youth are confirmed in the fall of their 10th grade year.  Confirmation meets most Wednesdays at 6:30pm (grades 6-9) and 7:30pm (in the fall for grade 10).  For those unable to attend, a makeup meeting will be help Sunday, September 12 at 5pm.

In our ELCA denomination, confirmation is part of our faith formation, where youth learn more about the Christian church.  Most Lutherans are baptized as infants, with promises made on the infant's behalf by their parents and sponsors.  Confirmation is an "affirmation of baptism," where youth recognize God's work in their lives and make public their desire to continue in their journey of faith with the church.

"American Underdog" movie:  7:00pm Wednesday, January 19 (no confirmation that night), at Dakota Cinema.  Church will pay for movie admission, youth are responsible for concessions.  Meet at Dakota Cinema.